Thursday, June 26, 2008

Food For Thought

In April I co-taught a short course (called Mini-Term) at NCSSM with another teacher and 20 students. In addition to reading Michael Pollan, discussing organic certification, Slow Food and watching some interesting films (including King Corn), we visited several "local food" sites. All of the people that we asked to visit agreed and all were incredibly gracious and informative. Here's where we went:

Elysian Fields Farm, Cedar Grove

SEEDS Garden, Durham

Goat Lady Dairy, Climax

Fickle Creek Farm, Efland

Watts Grocery

Durham Farmers Market

See more photos here (from Facebook):
Album #1
Album #2

EDITED: most of the photography above and in the albums was done by recent NCSSM graduate Ha Thien Nguyen!


Valerie said...

Your photography is really outstanding. I like the perspective on the goat, the chard, the eggs...

Steve said...

Yikes -- I mentioned in my Facebook albums but didn't mention above that most of the photography was taken by recent NCSSM graduate Ha Thien Nguyen. I've taken all the other stuff on the blog, though.

Valerie said...

Oh, well, good eye, recent NCSSM grad!