Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tearing it up in Durham

This morning I veered off my usual routes around downtown Durham and found myself smack in the middle of a demolition zone. The former Fayette Place public housing complex (at the corner of Umstead and Grant) was bought by a Philadelphia developer, Campus Apartments, and currently Raleigh's EHG is handling the demolition. Campus Apartments develops complexes for colleges all over the country, and this one is going to provide extra (for-profit) housing for Central. (If you'd like to know more about development in general in the Fayetteville Street area, check out the Fayetteville Street Planning Group.)

There were a couple of EHG guys who I spoke to for a bit on my walk around this enormous block. They said that the project would take at least a month, and in response to my question, that they were recycling the concrete and brick. There was a separate crew going through buildings with plastic sheeting while the workers had on thick overalls and heavy-duty masking systems -- I'm guessing that was for asbestos abatement.

Enjoy the pictures I took on the walk around the block!

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