Monday, August 25, 2008

Back at it

With the real world intruding, any leftover energy at this point goes to sleeping and planning/grading, and not so much blogging. I will keep up when I can but those weekday mornings of refreshing strolls through the woods are on hold for now.

But I'll leave you with this: on Sunday the N&O did a nice piece on responses of teachers to an annual survey of working conditions. Eye-opening. Seriously, check out the database now and see what teachers in various schools had to say about how they felt supported, whether they're held to professional standards, have resources they need, and more. Unfortunately there's no way to select one or more at a time and see them in a spreadsheet so you can compare school to school, but you could do that yourself.

Happy new academic year to all!

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Valerie said...

You can see an overall report for DPS here, though: linky

The teachers at DS's school think they are well supported with materials and okay with time to plan, but not supported well by the admin regarding discipline.

Thanks for the heads up to to the report!

You have a great year, too.