Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Only burger?

So, yeah, long time no blog. Until I get my teaching head above water it'll be Thanksgiving at best before I'm not so intermittent.

Anyhow, this morning I got my weekly e-mail from Craig and Seth at Wine Authorities which is amusing since I rarely drink wine. (My younger and Craig's were pals in preschool.) This morning's missive announced their first birthday celebration from 5-7 on Wednesday featuring an Only Burger truck.

What's an Only Burger truck? Good question! Apparently it's the brainchild of Tom Ferguson of Durham Catering and Sam Poley, formerly of Starlu. According to the e-mail it's the truck's debut, so I'd be interested to see the reviews. On the Only Burger website it looks like single burgers are $4 and doubles are $6.50, which seems hefty for a to-go burger, but maybe it's incredibly delicious.

P.S. I also stumbled on this blog when checking for info on Only Burger which looks like an interesting source for Durham food. Maybe they'll post a review!

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