Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wikipedia and Bev Perdue -- where's the love, y'all?

So I'm looking for a factoid this morning for a fun (!) civics getting to know you activity and I thought I'd throw in something about NC Governor Bev Perdue's former career as a teacher. I was just a little surprised, then, when I surfed over to Wikipedia and read this statement in her bio:

"Due to her uncanny resembalince the the Joker character from the Batman movies, she has been cast in the upcoming film. She needs to make up to render her face hidious and deformed, and her smile is a vivid portrayal of evilness."

Wow. That's a little harsh, don't you think? And there's no reference to which cinematic joker she might have a "resembalince" to so compare the three images below and state your preference:
Naturally in Wikipedialand the change (which was made earlier today) has been scrubbed from the current view but it can be seen in this history page. Another interesting fact about Perdue was also on an earlier version of the page today:

"She was soley responsible for the murder of young Emmit Till, a truly heinous act of American racism for which she recieved a 25 year suspended prision sentence."

Whoa. What's up with this? Looks like the changes were made by the IP address Internet sleuths -- what can you say about this?

P.S. to Wikipedia: you know that "flagged revisions" idea? Better get a move on that.


Anonymous said...

The poster posted from the Triad area (or at least was connected through such)

Anonymous said...

Yep. Hostname: cpe-071-076-200-120.triad.res.rr.com.

Ann B Davis said...

Personally, I think Governor Perdue bears a stunning resembalince to legendary stage and screen star Florence Henderson.