Monday, July 21, 2008

Parker and Otis

After three visits in the last month I can conclusively say this place rocks. Sure the food was delicious but the outside eating area is just great. Even on a 98 degree day last month it wasn't so bad with the overhead fan whirring. I enjoyed taking photos of the great iron work and other assorted items from the back of Morgan Imports as well. All of the images below link to much bigger versions. Enjoy.


Durham Bull Pen said...

Wonderful pictures! It was a such a great touch for the renovation of those spaces to incorporate some of those old items in the way they did--for interest and a nod to the original use of the buildings.

And I definitely agree that the backporch at P&O is such a nice, almost hidden-away, space in the middle of a busy little area there.

Jen Stew said...

I agree. It totally rocks. I take a zillion pictures every time I go! Let's lunch there "sometime soon".